History of the EWPA

1987 – EWPAA was formed

A concerned group of rental fleet owners, manufacturers and suppliers of Elevating Work Platforms formed the Association in 1987. These people were concerned that the industry was growing rapidly across Australia without adequate co-ordination or support services. There was no forum to discuss issues affecting the industry, no specific operator training programs and no uniform standards of safety, service and ethics of conduct for the industry. The Elevating Work Platform of Association of Australia (as it was known at that time) was formed.

1991 – Yellow Card

The first EWPAA MEWP Operators “Yellow Card” was issued.

1992 – Membership continues to grow

Membership of the Association increased to 50 organisations as members.

1994 – EWPAA merged with the Hire and Rental Association (HRA)

The EWPAA always had a close affiliation with the Hire and Rental Association and it merged with the HRA in 1994. This merger helped to expand the membership base to include rental fleet owners and major users of EWPs away from the more traditional markets. Membership rapidly grew to over 100.

1998 – A Independent National Association – EWPA

In January 1998 the Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia (EWPA) was incorporated as its own separate National Association. At this time membership had reached over 200 members

2001 – 2004 Yellow Card Program was accredited

The process of accrediting the training program as well as the trainers delivering the program commenced in 2001 and was finalised in 2004.
At this stage the Yellow Card program was designed as Duty of Care training and was a toolbox style delivery. The content was driven by industry needs; and assisted in meeting duty of care requirements under the OHS/WHS Acts and Regulations in place during that period.

2006 – Over 400 Accredited Trainers

By the end of 2006 there were in excess of 430 Accredited Trainers able to deliver the EWPA Yellow Card Program.

2008 – 100,000 Yellow Cards issued

By August of 2008 the EWPA had issued its 100,000 Yellow Card

2013 – Introduction of the the current Yellow Card Program

The “New” EWPA Yellow Card Program was launched on July 1 2013. Feedback to the EWPA was that the industry wanted an improved outcome from the Yellow Card training. Research revealed that members and industry wanted more in-depth training with pathways to Statements of Attainment, more content, refresher training and a program that could react quickly to changes in industry, as well as more close alignment to the requirements of amended WHS/OHS Acts and Regulations introduced in 2011-2012. This moved the training from Duty of Care style delivery to Competency-Based training and assessment, photo cards were now issued with a 5 year expiry date which requires the holder to undergo online or face to face refresher training to ensure their skills and knowledge remain current

2018 – Global Access Exchange Introduced and Yellow Card Renewals commenced

The Global Access Alliance Exchange Program sends access company employees overseas to gain a greater understanding of how the access industry works globally. This program was launched in 2018 with a 2-way exchange between Australian and the UK.
In July 2018 it was 5 years since the New Yellow Card Program was launched, therefore the online renewal process for Yellow Cards was launched.

2019 – EWPA Rebrand, MEWP Supervisor Course launched and EWPA issued 400,000 Yellow Card

2019 was a big year for the EWPA Standing with a rebrand – in conjunction with the HRIA and TSHA – the new look was a part of a plan to move the Association’s forward to better serve and represent its members within an industry that has progressed significantly since inception.
The MEWP Supervisors Course was also launched. Designed specifically for Site Managers / Safety Officers who are responsible for the planning, supervising, or managing the safe use of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms.
In August the EWPA also issued its 400,000 Yellow Card.

2020 – Good Practice Guide launched

Over the years the EWPA had released safety guidance notes. In January 2020 the EWPA demonstrated further commitment to safety launching the EWPA Good Practice Guide. This guide outlines the safe work practices on how to operate and maintain MEWPS safely and help duty holders meet their obligations under the Work (Occupational) Health and Safety Acts and Regulations in force in each state and territory of Australia.

Membership is now in excess of 500 and includes the major rental fleet owners, manufacturers, users and supporters of this industry. The Association is run through a National Executive and supported by State Committees which meet regularly to ensure effective communication between all members on the key issues that affect this industry.