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AT Licence terms & conditions


These terms and conditions may be updated from time to time.

Licensing by the Elevating Work Platform Association

The Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia Inc (EWPA) is incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1984 (NSW) and has the capacity under Section 17(3) to exercise its powers in other States.

Applicants are required to submit the official application and provide evidence that they meet the mandatory requirements as listed on the Accredited Trainer application form. EWPA reserves the right to contact the applicant’s employer and/or organisations to obtain information about the applicant’s skills, knowledge, and character to ascertain the applicant’s suitability as an EWPA Accredited Trainer.

The EWPA issues Accredited Trainers’ licences to persons who have paid the prescribed fee upon successfully completing the self paced assignment and Train the Trainer program. Licences are issued for the duration of 1year.

After acceptance as an EWPA Accredited Trainer you will be issued an Accredited Trainer Photo Identification and are then qualified to conduct training and assessment for the issue of an MEWP Operator Licence – Yellow Card as per the Accredited Trainers Manual.

It is a prerequisite that an Accredited Trainer is a member of the EWPA either directly or through a member company, however the licence issued is for the use of the applicant only and the applicant is personally responsible to both carry out the training and to maintain the appropriate documents such that all the relevant files are accessible by the Accredited Trainer and will be made available to the EWPA or the nominated auditor if required.

The correct training of Operators for plant and equipment is a requirement under the Occupational Health and Safety Acts and Workplace Health and Safety Acts and the Regulations in each State. Accredited Trainers must be familiar with the appropriate Occupational/Workplace Health and Safety legislation and ensure that they maintain compliance.

Accredited Trainer Licence Conditions

The EWPA issues trained Operator cards under the following conditions which all EWPA Accredited Trainers are required to administer:

  1. Training is to be carried out strictly in accordance with the Accredited Trainers Manual produced by the Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia Inc. and in accordance with the Accredited Trainer Code of Practice.
  2. Accredited Trainers are to ensure that applicant submissions on the AT portal or App are filled out correctly before submitting them to the EWPA. Electronic numbers and software must be used in accordance with the AT Code of Practice and AT Manual. All administration processes must be followed as per the Accredited Trainers Manual.
  3. All Operator Yellow Card applications must be completed by the EWPA Accredited Trainer in accordance with the Accredited Trainers Manual.

Breaches of EWPA AT Terms and Conditions

The EWPA authorises Accredited Trainers to carry out training in accordance with the Accredited Trainers Manual. Noncompliance with the relevant Accredited Trainers Manual, AT Code of Practice, EWPA Membership, WHS/OHS Acts and Regulations or local site safety procedures may result in the following:

  1. The EWPA will contact the Accredited Trainer regarding the issue/breach.
  2. The EWPA will conduct an investigation into the breach.
  3. The EWPA will give the Accredited Trainer at least 14 days (normally 10 working days) within which to make submissions in relation to the breach.
  4. The EWPA may suspend or cancel accreditation.

Renewal of Licence

Accreditation renewal invoices will be sent to Accredited Trainers at least 20 days before the licence expiry date and must be paid prior to the licence expiry date.

Change in circumstances

Any change in circumstances relevant to the Accredited Trainer such as new telephone numbers, changed email or postal addresses or any change to membership details are to be notified to the EWPA within 14 days.


To maintain the integrity of the EWPA Yellow Card training program and to provide continued support and guidance to new ATs, the Elevating Work Platform Association will conduct at least 1 audit on training activity within the first year of you being an Accredited Trainer. For existing ATs the EWPA is required to audit all its active trainers on a regular basis.

All ATs are required to comply with the Accredited Trainers Manual record keeping and audit requirements which includes providing, upon request of the EWPA, training and assessment material for audit. Penalties apply for not meeting these requirements.