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What is the EWPA Registered Inspector Program

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The EWPA Registered Inspector Program is a national initiative whereby potential inspectors are formally assessed and verified to ensure they possess the level of experience and expertise required to undertake periodic (Annual) inspections of mobile elevating work platforms as stated in Australian Standard AS2550.10. The Standard indicates that a Competent Person is required when completing periodic inspections.

The definition of a Competent Person in AS2550.10 is:

“ A person who has acquired through training, qualification, experience or a combination of these, the knowledge and skill enabling that person to correctly perform the required task. “

The holder of a Registered Inspector card is an individual whose collective training, qualifications and experience has been formally assessed by the EWPA and is deemed competent to perform periodic inspections on mobile elevating work platforms as stated in AS2550.10.

An applicant wishing to hold a Registered Inspector card is required to:

  • Be employed by a member company of the EWPA
  • Be nominated and sponsored by their employer
  • Submit a completed application form containing relevant training, qualifications and experience for formal assessment and verification.

Applicants are required to document and provide physical evidence of their industry training, qualifications and experience covering:

  • Industry experience: inspection experience and amount of years in the industry
  • Training courses attended: Manufacturers training courses and any other relevant technical courses
  • Professional/trade related qualifications: e.g. qualified diesel mechanic, electrician etc.
  • Documentation supplied: physical evidence (copies) of inspections, qualifications and licences.

All applications are reviewed by the EWPA. Successful applicants will be issued an EWPA Registered Inspector card valid for 5 years. The applicant’s details are entered into the EWPA Registered Inspector database. It should be noted that the EWPA Registered Inspector status is valid only whilst the Registered Inspector remains employed by the member company that endorsed their registration. Cards are renewed by providing updated details of training/experience or new employment status.