About the EWPA

With 400 members and growing the Elevating Work Platform Association’s purpose is to ensure safety as well as support and promote the Elevating Work Platform industry.

The EWPA is dedicated to ensuring members are kept up to date with the latest safety information relating to the operation and regulations regarding the use of elevated work platforms. This is done through the wide range of services and benefits made available to members of the EWPA. These services include access to the EWPA Operator License Training Program (the EWPA Yellow Card), industry advice lines, master agreements and specialised stationery available to order.

Our members include rental companies, manufacturers, suppliers, end-users, trainers and specialised support and service companies that cover the full spectrum of this industry.

One of the main aims of the Association is to continually improve safety and develop product training and instruction for end users. Information sheets and guidance notes covering many issues are available.

Education and Training

The EWPA is dedicated to ensuring members are kept up to date with the latest safety information. This is done through the MEWP Supervisor course and the EWPA Yellow Card Program among other services.

Safety & Risk Management

EWPA support services include risk management advice and packages, industry advice lines on HR, workplace relations, accounting, and business advisory services among others.

Business Support

State meetings are held regularly together with Supplier nights and training days where members can meet, network and view new products.


The EWPA provides national and state representation on key industry issues and standards. The Association also flags and updates members on legislative changes impacting the access industry. The EWPA brings together experts to update members on Workplace Health and Safety issues, operator training industry standards and legislation providing guidance and support.

Industry Representation

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How the EWPA was formed

A concerned group of rental fleet owners, manufacturers and suppliers of Elevating Work Platforms formed the Association in 1987. These people were concerned that the industry was growing rapidly across Australia without adequate co-ordination or support services. There was no forum to discuss issues affecting the industry, no specific operator training programs and no uniform standards of safety, service and ethics of conduct for the industry.

Without a National Association to co-ordinate the growth of EWPs the industry was in danger of being spoilt whilst still in its infancy.

The EWPAA was quickly established on a national basis with membership being drawn from all segments of the industry ensuring that key areas of concern could be effectively addressed and solutions developed to overcome them.

The EWPAA always had a close affiliation with the Hire and Rental Association and it merged with the HRA in 1994. This merging helped to expand the membership base to include rental fleet owners and major users of EWPs away from the more traditional markets. Membership rapidly grew to over 100. However, with the continuing growth of the elevating work platform market it was decided, by the membership, to once again become an independent, National Association.

In January 1998 the Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia was incorporated. Membership is now in excess of 700 and includes the major rental fleet owners, manufacturers, users and supporters of this industry. The Association is run through a National Executive and supported by State Committees which meet regularly to ensure effective communication between all members on the key issues that affect this industry.

Change to the EWPA Constitution November 2021
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